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Looking for a trusted technology collaborator to elevate your cybersecurity efforts? Choose Intervalle Technologies, the go-to partner for over 300 organizations across 15 nations. Boasting 18 years of experience, Intervalle has formed strategic alliances with esteemed entities such as IBM, Symantec, HCL Software, and the PCI Security Standards Council. Together, we successfully deploy solutions in prominent banking, telecommunication, and government sectors.

Modern CISOs Wrestle with Immense Expectations and Scarce Resources

The rapidly evolving nature of cyberattacks requires heightened vigilance and adaptation, forcing CISOs to be versatile and forward-thinking in their approaches. Meanwhile, limited budgets and talent shortages hinder progress, leaving crucial gaps vulnerable to exploitation.

  • Loss of sensitive data, intellectual property, or personal information causing significant reputation damage, lawsuits, or fines.
  • Failure to comply with industry-specific rules and regulations may result in hefty penalties, sanctions, or even loss of license.
  • Difficulty finding qualified candidates with up-to-date skill sets needed to tackle current and future technological challenges.
  • Escalating sophistication level among cybercriminals demanding quick adoption of new protective measures and countermeasures.

Cyber Services Powered

  • "Bridge the Chasm"
    Close the divide between archaic cybersecurity protocols and progressive risk management by leveraging Intervalle Technologies' avant-garde solutions.
  • "Regulatory Harmony"
    Maintain synchronization with ever-changing compliance standards, including PCI DSS, ISO27001, GDPR, among others showcased in our extensive collection, enabling your business to sustain its competitive edge.
  • "Curated Modules for Complete Defense"
    Choose customizable suites adapted to individual needs from our carefully assembled range, reinforcing established structures, detecting nascent threats, and imposing rigorous oversight policies.

Excel in Cybersecurity & Soar as a Top CISO

Reduced Attack Surfaces

Intervalle Technologies' Zero Trust Architecture forms the bedrock of our IT Security and Network Security offerings, fortifying your environment against Intrusion and Data-security breaches. Our strategic blend of workplace violence mitigation, web application firewalls (WAF), vulnerability management, virtual CIO, video surveillance systems, and third-party security assessments creates a cohesive and formidable defense system.

Employ User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and threat intelligence to monitor and analyze user actions, bolstering your security posture. Tabletop exercises simulating organized crime syndicates, lone wolf attackers, hacktivist groups, and nation-state attackers prepare your team for real-world incidents.

Leverage threat hunting, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, static analysis, and software development life cycle (SDLC) security to circumvent script kiddies and sophisticated adversaries alike. Our services extend to industrial control systems (ICS), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, operational technology (OT) networks, and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)-backed penetration testing, securing the entire spectrum of connected systems.

Accelerated Incident Response

Rapidly identify, examine, and resolve anomalies using our Tabletop Exercises, Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, Third-Party Security Assessments, Penetration Testing, ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and Incident Response Services. These tools and competences allow you to promptly react to cyber threats, diminish harm and lessen disruption.

Equip yourself with profound insight regarding Intrusion, Data-security, Security solutions, Zero Trust Architecture, IT Security, Network security, Multi-factor Authentication, and Compliance consulting. Become vigilant against Malware protection, Phishing attacks, Script kiddies, Organized crime syndicates, Nation-state attackers, Advanced persistent threats (APT), Active shooter scenarios, and Insider threats.

Prepare diligently for diverse situations involving Physical security systems, Supply chain risk management, Critical infrastructure protection, Crisis communication plans, Emergency preparedness planning, Breach notification laws, Cross-border data transfers, Electronic evidence collection, EDiscovery processes, and Pandemic response planning.

Improved User Experiences

Smooth Authentication Experiences, User-Friendly Designs, and Compliance with Privacy Policies merge for an outstanding User Experience. Prioritize Multi-Factor Authentication, Serverless Computing Security, Microservices Security, Mobile Device Management, Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Endpoint Protection, Email Security Gateways, and Encryption Technologies for an enhanced and protected digital journey.

Integrate Biometric Verification, Single Sign-On (SSO), Context-aware Authorization, and Adaptive Authentication to facilitate hassle-free yet ultra-secure login processes. Construct intuitive dashboards and menus, allowing quick and straightforward navigation while upholding strict access control measures.

Champion Data Loss Prevention, Content Filtering, URL Filtering, Attachment Sandboxing, and Anti-spoofing technologies to strike a balance between ease-of-use and foolproof security. Keep pace with ever-changing privacy rules, such as GDPR, GLBA, and HIPAA, ensuring your applications and services maintain compliant status.

Organizational Resilience

Fortify your defenses against turbulent circumstances through the implementation of Physical Security Systems, Pandemic Response Protocols, NIST Guidelines, Preparedness for Nation-State Attackers, Socially Engineered Deceptions, ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Insider Menaces, and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Transform facilities with state-of-the-art Alarms, Cameras, Card Readers, Door Locks, Visitor Management Systems, and Environmental Monitoring, complemented by intelligent Analytics, Real-Time Notifications, and Centralized Command Platforms.

Orchestrate coordinated contingency strategies to accommodate health concerns, employee welfare, and facility maintenance with timely communications, flexible scheduling, and adaptable workspace arrangements.

Study and absorb fundamental NIST Guidelines, particularly SP 800 series publications, focusing on System Security Engineering, Computer Security Resource Center, and Federal Information Processing Standards. Understand the nuances surrounding risk assessments, incident response, and system lifecycle phases.

Competitive Advantage

Distinguish your prowess with leading-edge cybersecurity protections! Exhibit Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Transportation Sector Cybersecurity strengths. Radiate credibility through General Banking Laws (GLBA) Compliance and monumental GDPR Compliance accomplishments.

Engage in Fuzz Testing to unearth hidden vulnerabilities lurking beneath polished facades. Provoke systems mercilessly, flooding inputs until collapse reveals underlying flaws. Then, rise stronger, armed with lessons learned and renewed resilience.

Unleash the force of Full-Scale Drills, exercising muscles needed to weather storms. Orchestrate realistic mock attacks, probing reactions and pinpointing room for improvement. Gradually intensify pressure, pushing limits and exposing shortfalls, propelling you closer to invincibility.

Craft potent Crisis Communication Plans, ensuring steady hands steer vessels safely through treacherous waters. Coordinate precise messaging, mobilize forces efficiently, and inspire calm resolve amongst crew members. When uncertainty strikes, clarity prevails, charting a path to tranquility amid chaos.

Invest in people, process, and technology, forming impregnable barriers deterring nefarious entities. Embody tenacious champions defending vital interests, radiating unwavering resolve to conquer adversity and emerge victorious. Refine talents ceaselessly, expand horizons continuously, and set dazzling examples for peers to aspire.

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