Our Managed Security Services: Your Solution to Cyber Threats

Le bon choix pour un SOC managé

Nous sommes fiers d'avoir été choisis par des leaders mondiaux de la cybersécurité, tels qu'IBM, Symantec, Tenable, ou Fortinet, pour intégrer leurs solutions de protection destinées aux entreprises. Cette reconnaissance témoigne de notre expertise technique reconnue ainsi que de notre capacité à apporter de la valeur ajoutée à nos clients dans le domaine du (SOC) managé.

CISOs, CTOs, and IT Directors Are Facing Escalating Cybersecurity Threats

Our managed security service provider offers a comprehensive solution to help you detect and respond to threats quickly and effectively, so you can focus on maintaining a secure and compliant environment.

  • Overwhelming Security Alerts and Incident Response Faced with a deluge of security alerts from disparate tools, enterprises often lack the resources and expertise to triageinvestigate, and respond to potential cyber threats in a timely manner.
  • Evolving Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities Staying ahead of sophisticated cyber attacks, such as ransomwarephishing, and supply chain compromises, is a constant challenge.
  • Shortage of Cybersecurity Talent and Expertise The global shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals hinders enterprises from building and maintaining robust in-house security operations

Managed Security Service Provider for Peace of Mind

  • Outsourcing to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with advanced SIEM, SOC, and SOAR capabilities optimize incident management.
  • Leveraging an MSSP's threat intelligencevulnerability management, and security orchestration strengthen an enterprise's preventive and detection measures.
  • Partnering with an MSSP can provide access to a team of seasoned security analystsengineers, and incident responders to protect against cyber risks.

Robust Managed Security Solutions Powered by Intervalle Technologies

Empower your security strategy with our Managed Security Solutions Provider expertise, ensuring proactive protection and peace of mind.

SOC Operations Center Excellence

Our team ensures 24/7 security monitoring and incident response, leveraging cutting-edge SIEM and SOAR technology. We provide threat huntingvulnerability management, and rapid response to mitigate risks. With our customized playbooks and advanced analytics, your organization gains a robust defense against evolving cyber threats, ensuring business continuity and resilience. Our expertise lies in fortifying your security posture through proactive detection, intelligent automation, and efficient response protocols.

SIEM & Log Management Masters

We specialize in SIEM solutions, offering comprehensive log managementsecurity analytics, and threat detection. Our experts aggregate data from multiple sources, applying advanced correlation rules and machine learning to identify threats. With real-time visibility and customized alerts, we enhance your security posture. Our team's proficiency in log analysis and incident forensics ensures that your organization can swiftly detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats.

SOAR Automation Experts

Our SOAR capabilities revolutionize security operations with intelligent automation and orchestration. We streamline incident response by integrating your security tools, creating automated workflows, and implementing machine learning. Our experts focus on reducing response timesenhancing analyst productivity, and improving overall security. With our customizable playbooks and robust reporting, your security team can work more efficiently and effectively, making informed decisions.

Endpoint Detection & Response

We provide advanced endpoint protection through EDR solutions, offering real-time threat detection and response capabilities. Our experts analyze endpoint behavior, leveraging machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify malicious activity. With rapid response mechanisms, we contain and eradicate threats, ensuring endpoint hygiene. Our EDR expertise strengthens your defense against advanced threats, providing visibility, proactive detection, and efficient incident response.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts

Our team delivers actionable threat intelligence to fortify your cyber defenses. We collect, analyze, and correlate data from diverse sources, including dark web monitoringthreat feeds, and advanced analytics. By understanding emerging TTPs and adversary behavior, we provide strategic insights. Our expertise lies in translating raw data into meaningful intelligence, enabling your organization to proactively identify, mitigate, and defend against potential cyber threats.

Entrust your IT security to our Certified Experts

As your dependable Managed Security Service Provider, we deploy a team of seasoned security professionals backed by industry-leading SIEM, SOC, SOAR, and EDR capabilities.

Équipe d'analystes SOC certifiés surveillant des écrans d'activité réseaux et de sécurité dans un centre opérationnel de cyberdéfense. Experts en intervention rapide contre les cyber-menaces 24h/24 et 7j/7.

Our support process

Join us now to benefit from infallible protection, constant vigilance and cutting-edge expertise for your peace of mind!

Step 1

Preliminary analysis

Understanding your specific cybersecurity needs

Step 2

Strategic design

Creating a robust security architecture

Step 3

Efficient implementation

Continuously improve your cybersecurity measures

Step 4

Continuous monitoring

Actively protect against cyberthreats 24/7

Final Step

Continuously improve your cybersecurity measures

Continuously improve your cybersecurity measures

Premium MSSP

With Intervalle Technologies' Premium Managed Cybersecurity Support Service, strengthen your security and ensure regulatory compliance.


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