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Banks Must Face the Reality of Technology Disruption

The traditional banking industry is being challenged by emerging financial technologies, making it crucial for banks to adapt and innovate to stay competitive.

  • Inefficient Data Management : Banks and financial institutions often struggle with managing vast amounts of data, leading to errors, delays, and compliance issues. Inefficient data management can result in poor decision-making, loss of customer trust, and regulatory fines.
  • Outdated Legacy Systems : Many banking and finance organizations still rely on outdated legacy systems that are unable to keep up with the demands of modern customers and business needs. These systems can lead to slow processing times, security vulnerabilities, and high maintenance costs.
  • Lack of Personalization : Customers today expect personalized experiences, but many banks and financial institutions struggle to deliver them. A lack of personalization can result in lower customer satisfaction, decreased loyalty, and missed opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Expert-Driven Core Banking Services: Elevate Your Financial Operations

  • Modernization of Core Banking Systems : Expert core banking services enable modernization of outdated systems, improving processing times, enhancing security, and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Improved Data Management : Expert core banking services provide efficient data management solutions, reducing errors, ensuring compliance, and enabling informed decision-making.
  • Personalized Customer Experiences : Expert core banking services enable personalization technologies, delivering tailored experiences to customers, increasing satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

Our Core Banking Services

Core Banking System

Transform your bank with our successful implementation of Infosys Finacle, a leading core banking solution. Our partnership with Infosys, a global leader in digital services, combines cutting-edge technology with our expertise in core banking services.

Solutions Banking

Equipped with advanced predictive analytics, process automation, and regulatory compliance capabilities, our tools optimize operational performance, mitigate risks, and ensure the reliability of your banking operations.

Switch Card Management

Our card management implementation services empower organizations to successfully transition their card business to a new platform or issuer. Leveraging our deep industry expertise and proven methodologies.

Mobile Banking & E-wallet

Core Banking Services: Empowering Financial Institutions

Core Banking Implementation

Unlocking the potential of core banking systems, we offer comprehensive implementation services. Our experts guide financial institutions through the entire process, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure, secure data migration, and tailored customization. With our support, institutions can harness the power of efficient, secure, and compliant core banking, enhancing their operational capabilities.

Core Banking Migration

Our specialized team manages the complex process of core banking migration. We ensure a seamless and secure transition, minimizing downtime. Through careful data validation, comprehensive testing, and robust system integration, we deliver a smooth migration experience, enabling financial institutions to embrace new platforms with confidence and minimal disruption to their operations.

Core Banking Optimization

Maximizing the ROI of core banking systems, we identify inefficiencies and implement enhancements. By leveraging automation and AI, we streamline processes, reduce manual interventions, and enhance overall performance. Our optimization strategies focus on improving the customer journey, driving operational excellence, and future-proofing core banking infrastructure.

Core Banking Security

Fortifying core banking systems against evolving threats, our cybersecurity experts conduct comprehensive assessments. We identify vulnerabilities, recommend and implement industry-leading security controls, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Through proactive monitoring and resilience strategies, we safeguard sensitive financial data, preventing cyber-attacks and protecting institutional reputation.

Navigating the complex world of regulatory compliance, we ensure core banking systems meet global standards. Our experts stay abreast of evolving regulations, including PSD2 and GDPR, providing careful assessment, implementation, and ongoing support. We mitigate compliance risks, ensuring data privacy, security, and transparency, thus protecting institutions from fines and reputational damage.

Industry Disruptors Rely on Intervalle's Innovative Core Banking Services


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