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Enterprise data is one of the critical assets that needs to be protected and secured, especially in the context of using increasingly distributed systems that take advantage of the possibilities of the cloud.

Intervalle Technologies has a range of solutions to offer to best adapt to your needs in terms of data security, as well as know-how and experience to support you in choosing the best security techniques with regard to your challenges and regulatory requirements.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Intelligent security analytics for a better understanding of the most critical threats.

Vulnerability Management

Quickly identify, analyze and remediate vulnerabilities through an intelligent management platform.

Encryption & Tokenization

Tokenize your most sensitive data in order to guarantee its dissemination without any risk of fraudulent exploitation.

File integrity monitoring (FIM)

Monitor and identify changes in your files in real time to avoid the risk of fraudulent exploitation.

Awareness & Defense testing

Training and exercise programs coupled with virtual scenarios.

Identity & Privileged Access Management

Ensure the security of specific identities and access for your personal.

Our integration services are based on solutions and products from our partners, whose integration is ensured by experienced and certified profiles.

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