Legacy Core = Lost opportunities
by Finacle Infosys
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If your bank is still operating on a legacy core, I’d like you to consider the following facts:


  • 38% Banking executives say that a legacy core hampers their digital customer experience
  • 29% Banking executives feel that their legacy core lacks the flexibility to respond to changing market needs


Source: Everest core banking modernization report 2020



Banks around the world today are under a lot of pressure to reimagine their offerings, experience and even their entire business model.


Scaling huge transaction volumes, personalizing digital experiences, adapting to constantly evolving regulation and collaborating with a vast ecosystem of partners are just some of the expectations that banks need to live up to today.


In such a dynamic situation, a legacy core powering your bank’s operations doesn’t just hamper innovation; it also inhibits your competitiveness.


In our latest point-of-view (POV) paper on Core modernization, we talk about three approaches for core digitization, supported by multiple case stories of Infosys Finacle’s clients who shifted to a digital-first core with us.


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