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The acceleration of the digital transition has led to an exponential growth in cyber attacks on organisations of all sizes. Cyber attackers are constantly finding innovative ways to compromise information systems, which can expose organisations to high risks of data leakage and severely compromise business operations.

In this article we share with you some general tips to help you protect your data.


The accelerate shift towards digital has led to an exponential growth of cyber-attacks directed toward organizations of any size. Cyber-attackers are consistently finding innovative ways to compromise information systems that can expose organizations to high risks of data leaks and seriously jeopardize business operations.


Here are some general tips that will help protect data:

  • Regularly update software and antivirus programs – keep all systems, software, and antivirus programs updated by downloading patches and updates from vendors.
  • Develop and enforce strong passwords and multi-factor authentication – encourage and educate employees and contractors to create strong passwords that include uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers. Also, implementing multi-factor authentication systems can add an extra layer of security.
  • Conduct regular security assessments – conduct regular security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and risks before they can be exploited by hackers, and implement solutions to address them.
  • Encrypt sensitive data – use encryption to render data unreadable and unusable by third parties.
  • Educate employees and contractors – educate employees and contractors on the importance of cybersecurity and how to recognize and prevent potential cyber-attacks.
  • Establish a comprehensive security policy- develop a comprehensive security policy that outlines the company’s approach to cybersecurity and how to handle security incidents. Implement regular emergency drills and testing.
  • Test vulnerabilities and learn from them – conduct simulated pen-testing to identify weaknesses in the system that can be improved.


Remember, emerging technologies can greatly benefit organizations to improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer’s experience to build a competitive advantage. However, if not addressed correctly, cyber-attacks can have a disastrous impact on operational continuity and business operations. Given the fast-evolving cyber environment, partnering with a company that specializes in cybersecurity and brings in regular updates and recommendations will be the most effective way to protect your data and help you focus on your core business.

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