Business Identity Compromise ‘’BIC’’ - New cyberattack threat reported by FBI
by Yasmine AREZKI
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The FBI is sounding the alarm against the use of a new cyberattack vector called  »Business Identity Compromise » or BIC.


You’re probably wondering how these cyber attackers manage to trick us into being vigilant?


You are in the middle of a video conference with your colleagues or managers to discuss and exchange the latest figures of your company.


Strategic information that would interest your competitors. Suddenly, there is an element that attracts your attention. The outline of your colleague’s image seems to be blurred and his face is glowing but his voice has not changed. It is probably a technical problem or a bad connection.


Some time later, you learn that your company has been subject to a data leak. Your competitors or ill-intentioned people have strategic and confidential information discussed during your video conference!



These cyber attackers use new technologies such as artificial intelligence, deepfakes and a learning technique called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). It is used to superimpose synthetic content on real content or to reproduce realistic content.


At the very beginning, the Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) technique was complex to set up. Over time, it has not only become accessible but also easy to use, requiring no dedicated technical skills.


A person with a powerful computer can use programs like DeepFaceLive and Maxine from NVIDIA to simulate an identity in real time. The Adobe VoCo program can reproduce audio content and imitate a person’s voice.


These increasingly realistic and convincing techniques are often used by malicious individuals or organizations. Their goal is to orchestrate fraud, extortion and other scams.

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