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Intervalle Technologies' trainings aim to enable enterprise security managers and administrators to better understand the risks and threats faced by the systems they are responsible for, as well as to obtain the necessary skills to implement solutions that ensure the protection of their data and alignment with regulatory requirements.

Our trainers are certified consultants with professional experience in the fields of training provided, guaranteeing you theoretical and above all practical training, in line with the needs of your organization.


Our trainers are certified consultants with professional experience in the fields of training provided, guaranteeing you theoretical and above all practical training, aligned with the needs of your organization.

On-site or online training

All our training can be provided on site or online.All the systems and tools necessary for the successful completion of the course are managed in a virtual environment, provided for the occasion by us.

Enterprise Solutions

We help you assess the skills gaps within your company and then set up a tailor-made training plan delivered by our trainers and consultants.

Personalized trainingLeverage data

We can, in the case of intra training, modularize our courses at your convenience, from all the programs in our catalog or specific requests.

Trainer contract

We offer the possibility to define with you a trainer contract to benefit from privileged assistance and preferential financial conditions

Our training programs are based on the best practices of the industry, and are delivered by experienced and certified profiles.

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Security and Audit SWIFT Customer Security Programme V2023 – Expert

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Work with Messages SWIFT Go – Associate

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Work with Messages ISO 20022 Adoption - Professional - Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+)

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Solutions for Digital Identification

While a universal solution for digital identification of internet users might not be realistic, finding solutions that are suitable in various situations is realistic and a worthwhile goal.

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A Collaborative Approach to Cybersecurity

Since attackers often benefit from cooperative measures, it only makes sense for organizations to collaborate in their efforts to thwart cyberthreats, even if that has historically proven to be challenging.

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Five Habits to Make Compliance Smoother for Lean Teams

Smaller organizations might find keeping on top of compliance activities to be challenging but there are several key habits that can help lean teams meet compliance responsibilities without feeling overburdened.

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