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Digital transformation necessitates integrating innovative solutions to secure evolving business platforms while enabling new efficiencies.

However, complex ecosystems with siloed, disparate tools decrease visibility, hamper change control, and open gaps for malicious actors. Intervalle consolidates essential capabilities like identity and access management, data loss prevention, vulnerability assessments, and regulatory compliance through centralized, converged Cybersecurity, GRC, Automation, and Banking platforms purpose-built for hybrid environments.

By leveraging scalable solutions with automated workflows, unified analytics, and reduced complexity, we empower lean IT teams to embed frictionless security throughout dynamic infrastructure and business-critical processes. As a result, our integrations provide comprehensive, agile protection.

Intervalle's Integrated Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity solutions

Safeguarding enterprise data is crucial, especially in the era of distributed systems and cloud utilization. Enhance your defense strategy with Intervalle Technologies. Explore our advanced Cybersecurity solutions—innovative, proactive, and customized for evolving threats. Fortify your digital resilience and discover comprehensive protection that adapts to your security requirements.

GRC solutions

A GRC solution serves as a dedicated tool to streamline risk assessment, enabling comprehensive management of organizational activities in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Intervalle Technologies provides a suite of solutions tailored to your needs, offering expertise in Regulatory Compliance, Risk Assessment, Policy Management, Audit and Monitoring, Data Governance, Third-Party Risk Management, and Compliance Automation. Count on us for adept support in aligning security techniques with your specific challenges and regulatory obligations.

Digital business automation solutions

Navigating numerous challenges involves simplifying management processes through enhanced automation and security. Accelerating operational workflows ensures efficient customer service delivery within optimized deadlines.

Intervalle Technologies boasts significant experience, with its teams successfully implementing end-to-end digitalization strategies. This encompasses Workflow Automation, Process Optimization, Intelligent Document Management, Business Process Modeling, Integration Platforms, and AI-driven Automation in numerous projects.

Digital banking solutions

The rise of neobanks poses a significant challenge to traditional banking institutions. With their agility and digital-first approach, neobanks threaten the established order.

In response, Intervalle Technologies offers strategic solutions, empowering traditional banks to fortify their core banking, applications, online platforms, mobile apps, payment processing, fraud detection, customer authentication, open banking integration, and personal finance management. Through intelligent technology adoption, Intervalle enables traditional banks to not only meet but surpass the evolving demands of the financial landscape.

They trusted us.

For more than 15 years, in 15 countries, more than 300 customers have transformed their operations with Intervalle Technologies.

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Collaboration is at the heart of how we operate.Through a customer-centric approach, our methodology harnesses the power of collaboration to achieve a value-based outcome created by synergies between people, processes and technology.

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