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Performing compliance audits is essential to guarantee conformity with regulatory standards and industry norms.

These assessments systematically evaluate organizational processes, policies, and controls, detecting potential gaps that could subject entities to legal, financial, or reputational hazards. Risks like violating data protection regulations or falling short of industry-specific standards emphasize the significance of routine compliance audits in protecting against diverse risks.

Violating regulations heightens legal, financial, and reputational risks for entities. Consequences may encompass regulatory penalties, erosion of customer trust, and operational disruptions, emphasizing the crucial nature of thorough compliance audits.

We have qualifications and references in the realization of organizational audit, technical, configuration audit, architecture audit, penetration test, source code audit, payment platform audit, SWIFT platform, Mobile, ATMs, SCADA systems, and compliance audit all aligned with international standards.

organisational audit - GRC

Audit of governance and decision-making models including the review of the information system security organization, security policies, risk analysis reviews, audit of business continuity and disaster recovery plans as well as compliance audits (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CSP SWIFT, SOX, SOC 2 SOC 3 and GDPR).

SI security audit

Assesses the level of control in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization's data. The review includes the evaluation of the components of the information system in relation to the level of protection in place and allows the organization to know its surface of exposure to threats.

PENTEST Intrusion Audit

Intervalle Technologies adopts innovative methods in order to detect the slightest breaches or security flaws by stimulating the activity of a hacker with several approaches: black box, grey box, or white box.

Web application audit

A web security audit before any implementation of a Web application on an intranet or extranet in order to protect against computer attacks, in accordance with the recommendations of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Mobile application audit

Like web applications, mobile applications are increasingly targeted by attackers.

​Intervalle Technologies offers you an Android and iOS mobile application audit during which we work to understand the application code and study its interactions with the system, followed by a search and analysis of possible vulnerabilities.

PKI infrastructure audit

The PKI Infrastructure Audit includes the review of the configurations and components of the PKI platform by ensuring the compliance of the installed systems with the security standards of manufacturers and publishers.
Intervalle Technologies' experts have extensive experience in infrastructure audits and can assist you in securing your platform.

Physical security audit & Data centre

The physical audit of data centers covers HQ and DR sites and concerns compliance with EN 50600.
It allows you to check the levels of risk and security in order to bring your data center installations into compliance.

ERP / Application Audit

Application security review in accordance with ISACA COBIT, NIST, PCI, and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP TOP10) community of web application auditors.

Code audit

Intervalle Technologies' certified engineers analyze in depth how your application was designed and how the code was developed to detect possible vulnerabilities and remedy them to ensure flawless production for optimal security.

Social engineering

It is well known that the weakest link in the security chain remains the human. Thanks to a social engineering audit, your organization will be able to understand the existing weaknesses at the level of your users and will be able to have specific training to make your teams aware of existing risks.

Performance audit

The performance audit makes it possible to evaluate the sizing of the information system in terms of information volume processing capacity through stress testing and scaling. This audit aims to carry out a global diagnosis of your IT infrastructure.

Digital investigation and evidence management

Intervalle Technologies offers you a digital forensics expert service to help you combat the consequences of an attack by allowing you to investigate a crime or computer fraud in order to better understand a cyber-attack or an internal incident that has taken place.

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