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Consumers are demanding quick and easy access to banking services.Offering your customers mobile banking solutions is a priority to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry.

It is essential for banks to align with new needs in order to improve your customers' banking experience while ensuring a significant return on investment.Intervalle Technologies supports you in your transformation by offering you an innovative Mobile Banking solution used by more than 10 million people around the world.

An All-in-One Mobile Banking App

Mobile payment is developing at an accelerated pace all over the world, and has demonstrated its ability to be easily adopted to pay with merchants in a simpler and faster way than via the use of a bank card.

This adoption also allows the development of personal finance management practices from one's mobile, which allows you to make multiple types of payments and transfers from your mobile, using in particular the notion of electronic wallet or E-wallet.

Intervalle Technologies has decided to support this major trend by partnering with an innovative publisher and market leader in payments, in this case with the company MAXIMUS, which more than 10 million people trust on a daily basis for their payments.

Mobile payment

Omnichannel experience and mobile payment for customers leading to increased transactions and revenue.


Access to the various services at any time contributing to an improvement of the customer experience.

Leverage data

Leverage data to deliver personalized offers, improve service quality for a better customer experience.

Operational efficiency

Reduction in the number of agency transactions leading to a decrease in the cost per transaction and costs related to customer relationship service.

Our Mobile Banking integration services are based on the FLEXI solution of our partner Maximus, whose integration is ensured by experienced and certified profiles

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