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Our products & solutions : Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Streamline your document processes with our Electronic Document Management system. Automate workflows, leverage scalable solutions, and deploy end-to-end management with agility. Our platform, compliant with Gartner standards, integrates seamlessly with ERP and CRM.

Simplify your business processes through centralized document management, ensuring efficiency and compliance. Whether on-premise or as-a-service, our system offers a comprehensive framework for process improvement. With agile deployment, lifecycle management, and workflow automation, experience the ease of outsourcing document-related tasks.

Choose efficiency, choose compliance, choose our Electronic Document Management system for a streamlined and agile document management experience.

Simplify Complexity

Unlock the power of Electronic Document Management with cutting-edge features integrated by Intervalle Technologies.

Enhance efficiency through automated document handling, content ingestion, and information capture. Ensure compliance with streamlined archiving, offering digital and electronic storage solutions. Access information effortlessly, promoting knowledge sharing and retrieval. Deploy end-to-end management solutions with scalable and centralized systems, leveraging agile workflow management.

Explore the benefits of a paperless environment, driving process automation and improvement.

Digitization of documents

Manual document management hampers operational efficiency, leading to delays, errors, and increasing complexity. Non-automated processes impede productivity. Input errors and delays in retrieving information disrupt daily operations. Additionally, the growing complexity of administrative tasks complicates compliance with regulatory standards, exposing the business to risks. Embrace automated digitization of documents. With a scalable approach, our solution enhances operational efficiency while meeting the strictest standards. Experience a seamless digital transformation, endorsed by Gartner, for a more efficient and competitive business.

Document processing

Traditional document processing hinders efficiency, causing delays and relying on manual workflows, leading to errors and operational bottlenecks. Managing vendors and deploying software exacerbate the complexity. Coordinating between ERP and CRM systems further complicates the situation. Leverage advanced document processing solutions. Our management software automates workflows, streamlining processes for agile and error-free operations. Efficiently manage vendors and simplify software deployment, ensuring seamless integration with ERP and CRM systems. Experience a transformative approach to document processing for enhanced efficiency and improved business processes.

Access to information

Access to information is fragmented, causing inefficiencies and hindering streamlined business processes. Manual management systems and lack of automation lead to delays, impacting overall productivity and creating challenges in outsourcing. Fragmented information access disrupts workflow management, resulting in inefficiencies. By leveraging business process automation, streamline workflows, and enhance information access efficiencies. This comprehensive solution optimizes management systems, ensuring seamless outsourcing processes. Experience the benefits of a unified approach, improving overall productivity and business effectiveness.

Archiving of documents

Document archiving is complex, with scattered systems complicating management. Lack of centralization poses compliance risks, hindering agility. On-premise solutions further add to the challenges. On-premise solutions exacerbate the complexity, hindering the efficient archiving of documents. Simplify with our "Archiving of Documents" solution. Deploy a centralized management system, ensuring compliance and agility. Experience simplified processes, enhanced compliance, and improved agility in managing document archives.

Our integration services are based on solutions and products from our partners, whose integration is ensured by experienced and certified profiles.

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