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Our products & solutions : Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Accelerate the speed of execution of management processes to improve operational efficiency and the customer experience while being safe.

Intervalle Technologies was particularly concerned with providing solutions for the dematerialization of documents within the company to contribute to this major component of a digitization strategy.

The challenges related to this dematerialization are numerous and range from the speed of execution of management processes, to the improvement of the service provided to the customer in particular through the simplification of management acts.Intervalle Technologies' teams have carried out numerous EDM projects to support its clients in their transformation.

Digitization of documents

Create from a paper document a digital copy that will be accessible and usable online.

Document processing

Accelerate your business processes and limit your processing times while reducing your costs.

Access to information

Facilitate the sharing of information and data within your company in order to accelerate decision making.

Archiving of documents

Keep your digital documents for the long term and control access to your archived documents to ensure their integrity and authenticity.

Our integration services are based on solutions and products from our partners, whose integration is ensured by experienced and certified profiles.

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For more than 15 years, in 15 countries, more than 300 customers have transformed their operations with Intervalle Technologies.

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