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The banking industry encounters challenges in harnessing evolving technologies to enhance profitability and agility. Exploring a robust "core banking system," institutions can optimize services and adapt to the changing landscape.

Back-office processes, traditional workflows, and customer relationships need transformation to stay competitive in the dynamic financial services landscape. In an era of fintech disruption, traditional banks grapple with outdated systems, hindering agility and competitive advantage. Back-office operations lack efficiency, affecting overall profitability.

Failing to leverage analytics and cloud-based solutions hampers the ability to streamline workflows and enhance customer relationships. Transform your bank into a universal powerhouse with our comprehensive cloud-based management solutions. Leverage analytics, streamline workflows, and enhance customer relationships for unparalleled agility and competitive advantage.

Our scalable, fintech-inspired approach ensures your place at the forefront of the evolving financial services landscape, driving profitability and success.

Intervalle Technologies' experience is important and many projects have been carried out by its teams to implement a real strategy of digitalization and end-to-end automation.

A complete digital core banking solution, positioned as a leader by Gartner for 14 consecutive years

Integrated banking system

Embark on a transformative journey with our Finacle Digital Banking Suite, acknowledged as a Gartner leader for 14 consecutive years.

Through strategic partnerships with INFOSYS® & INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES®, our comprehensive banking solution empowers financial institutions of all sizes, elevating agility and profitability. Harness advanced analytics, automate workflows, and optimize operations for a competitive edge. Whether in retail banking or wealth management, our cloud-based, scalable fintech solutions propel operational excellence, keeping you ahead in the ever-evolving financial services industry.

This digital evolution will contribute to your business strategy and performance by providing you with:

  • A rich banking system;
  • An optimal automation of all business processes;
  • A better customer experience through digital channels;
  • Access to a wider application ecosystem.

Universal bank

Retail bank

Corporate bank

Islamic bank

100% digital bank

Empower your banking operations with our integrated system, trusted by 500+ banks across 100 countries. Leverage Finacle's agile technology to streamline services, automate workflows, and ensure competitive advantage. Explore profitability in evolving financial services with scalable, disruptive solutions.

a leader in the banking technology industry

Within this collaboration, INFOSYS® and INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® have forged a long-term alliance. INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® will spearhead the Finacle solution integration project, ensuring close client engagement for continuous development post-deployment. Explore our Finacle integration services for optimal banking transformation.

Intervalle Technologies, leading integrator in the banking market for over 15 years.

INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® is at your disposal to present you both the Infosys Finacle solution and the service offer developed in common. This cooperation is built to remain close to you over time with local support and proven expertise.

Explore innovative banking solutions by INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES®, backed by 20 years of expertise. Leverage INFOSYS® Finacle for agility, automation, and a competitive edge. Transform your financial institution with advanced analytics for sustained profitability and growth.

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For more than 15 years, in 15 countries, more than 300 customers have transformed their operations with Intervalle Technologies.

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