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The challenges are numerous and consist in streamlining management processes by maximizing their degree of automation and security, by accelerating operational management flows, to achieve the delivery of customer service with greater efficiency and in ever more optimized deadlines.

Intervalle Technologies' experience is important and many projects have been carried out by its teams to implement a real strategy of digitalization and end-to-end automation.

A complete digital core banking solution, positioned as a leader by Gartner for 14 consecutive years

Integrated banking system

A complete digital core banking solution, positioned as a leader by Gartner for 14 consecutive years.

INFOSYS® & INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® strategic partnership enables us to offer you the Finacle digital banking suite. It helps banks and financial institutions drive strategic and operational change. The solution meets the requirements of retail banks, financial institutions, conventional and emerging, regardless of their size, type or organization. Driving this digital transformation will optimize your growth opportunities while minimizing the risks associated with such a large-scale transformation.

This digital evolution will contribute to your business strategy and performance by providing you with:

  • A rich banking system;
  • An optimal automation of all business processes;
  • A better customer experience through digital channels;
  • Access to a wider application ecosystem.

Universal bank

Retail bank

Corporate bank

Islamic bank

100% digital bank

Today, more than 500 banks in over 100 countries trust Finacle to manage more than 1 billion customers and 1.7 billion accounts, enabling them to save, make payments, take out loans and manage their investments.

a leader in the banking technology industry

Within the framework of this relationship, INFOSYS® and INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® have established a long-term partnership. INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® will be responsible for the marketing and implementation of the Finacle solution integration project. INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® will also ensure a close relationship with the customer in order to develop the Finacle platform once it has been deployed.

Intervalle Technologies, leading integrator in the banking market for over 15 years.

INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES® is at your disposal to present you both the Infosys Finacle solution and the service offer developed in common. This cooperation is built to remain close to you over time with local support and proven expertise.

INTERVALLE TECHNOLOGIES®, a leading integrator in the banking market for more than 15 years, has entered into a strategic partnership with the world's leading publisher INFOSYS® for the Finacle Core Banking solution, used by more than 500 banks in more than 100 countries

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For more than 15 years, in 15 countries, more than 300 customers have transformed their operations with Intervalle Technologies.

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Collaboration is at the heart of how we operate.Through a customer-centric approach, our methodology harnesses the power of collaboration to achieve a value-based outcome created by synergies between people, processes and technology.

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