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Intervalle Technologies has been working with banks for more than 15 years to support them in their transformation.foxglove. Intervalle's strategy is to systematically adapt the technological solution to the specific needs of the Bank, while remaining as close as possible to the standards of the profession, and allowing capitalization to pool costs.

Following this approach and following various projects carried out in partnership with leading banks, we have solutions ready to be customized and deployed in various banking processes and risk management.

These solutions are fully integrated with several core banking on the market and proprietary.

Do not hesitate to contact us for our feedback and for us to present these achievements and solutions.

Dematerialization of accounting treatments

Dematerialized accounting for cost reduction, productivity gains, reduction of errors and improvement of the customer experience.

Central Risks

A centralized solution to gather all information regarding loans granted with financial institutions, commitment contracts and their status for greater visibility and better risk management.

Credit instruction process

Automate loan application processing to reduce costs and improve the customer experience with faster turnaround times.

International transaction appraisal process

Automate and centralize global operations processes for greater agility, efficiency and alignment with regulatory requirements.

Customer onboarding

Less paperwork, improved wait times and faster customer onboarding for a better customer experience, with reduced operational costs through automation.

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Collaboration is at the heart of how we operate.Through a customer-centric approach, our methodology harnesses the power of collaboration to achieve a value-based outcome created by synergies between people, processes and technology.

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