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Our products & solutions : Awareness & Defense testing

Cybersecurity is a global approach of the company that requires constantly checking the acuity and sensitivity of the company's staff in the face of this phenomenon.Having a staff aware and having frequent scenarios to test their reaction and guide it positively, is one of the assets of a company to face cyber threats.

​To meet this challenge, Intervalle Technologies has developed a cyber awareness offer based on the LUCY solution, which includes both a wide variety of training and exercise programs and tools to simulate attacks, especially phishing, in order to offer your users virtual scenarios.


Have staff who are aware and have frequent scenarios to test their reaction and better train them.


Training programs and tools to simulate attacks in order to offer your users virtual scenarios.


Identify existing weaknesses in the technical infrastructure and staff knowledge, and eliminate them through a comprehensive training program.


Facilitate the exchange of critical data within your organization, with your customers and partners while security.

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