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Our products & solutions : Awareness & Defense testing

Elevate your cyber resilience with Intervalle Technologies' sophisticated Awareness & Defense Testing services.

Powered by the innovative LUCY solution, we expertly analyze vulnerabilities, combat malware, fortify firewalls, and orchestrate swift incident responses. From robust authentication to endpoint security, our comprehensive approach mitigates breaches, ensuring adherence to PCI DSS and other security controls.

Safeguard your enterprise against evolving threats with our cloud-based solutions, offering unparalleled security awareness and compliance.

Intervalle Technologies' Approach to Awareness & Defense Testing

As cyber threats become more advanced, organizations struggle to defend their critical assets, sensitive data, and business operations.

Consequently, they risk financial, legal and reputational damages from incidents. Intervalle Technologies leverages the LUCY platform to continuously monitor your attack surface, hunt for threats, identify vulnerabilities, and verify security controls across on-prem. As a result, we help you make informed decisions to improve protections, respond faster to contain impacts, and increase overall resilience. Unlike point solutions, LUCY’s comprehensive capabilities harden defenses to secure your entire digital infrastructure.

Therefore, Intervalle enables leadership to reduce organizational risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and confidently focus resources on core priorities - not the next breach.


Our security awareness approach leverages simulated phishing campaigns to evaluate human vulnerabilities, reveal training gaps that could be exploited by attackers, and strengthen workforce resilience by transforming employees into a resilient first line of defense.


Ourscenarios reproduce real-world breach attacks across your critical infrastructure, cloud environments, and business systems to assess detection and response capabilities. Expert-led adversarial campaigns expose security gaps, challenge current controls, and deliver actionable hardening advice.


Leveraging LUCY’s continuous visibility, we measure the robustness of your security posture to empower risk-based decisions, accelerate incident response, and enhance overall resilience through informed investments that balance business goals with cyber risks.


We drive evolution of your security program through continuous ML-powered assessments, adversarial attack simulations, and risk-based remediation roadmaps that bridge the gap between compliance checklists and integrated, agile cybersecurity tightly aligned with evolving organizational objectives.

Our integration services are based on robust solutions developed by our software partners and implemented by our certified and experienced teams.

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