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Our products & solutions : Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

A GRC solution is a tool developed specifically to optimize risk assessment.It makes it possible to manage the compliance of all the activities of the structure thanks to the control of risks and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Intervalle Technologies has a range of solutions to offer to best adapt to your compliance needs, as well as the know-how and experience to support you in choosing the best security techniques with regard to your challenges and regulatory requirements.

Manage the compliance of all the activities of your structure

From this point of view, a CRM solution is key for the governance of the company, dedicated to the issues of risks of any kind and compliance with the obligations to which the company is subject.

For all these needs, Intervalle Technologies and the leading publisher SAI Global, we set up a strategic partnership for the distribution and deployment of global SAI solutions on the African continent.

Intervalle Technologies selected SAI Global's GRC solution for its 360° approach to business needs, the modularity of its offering, and its global leadership leading it to maintain a major level of investment in its solution.

GRC - IT Risk Management

Improve governance with SAI Global to get a 360° view of your risk management program.

GRC – Internal Control

Streamline your internal control process and reduce the burden of regulatory audits.

GRC – Internal Audit Management

Instrumentation of the Audit phases in accordance with the policies implemented within the same platform.

GRC – Compliance Tracking

A module dedicated to the management and monitoring of your compliance program.

Our integration services are based on solutions and products from our partners, whose integration is ensured by experienced and certified profiles.

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