Our training courses

Intervalle Technologies' training courses are designed to enable company security managers and administrators to better understand the risks and threats facing the systems they are responsible for, as well as to obtain the necessary skills to implement solutions for protection.

Our trainers are certified consultants with professional experience in the areas of training provided, guaranteeing you theoretical and above all practical training, in line with the needs of your organisation.

Cybersecurity training

The Intervalle Technologies Security team is dedicated to the prevention, detection, assessment and response to cyber security threats and incidents. Our ability to effectively manage threats and incidents is supported by our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Intervalle Technologies offers its clients a way to outsource their network operations centre (NOC) partially or totally to our 24/7 teams, helping organisations of all sizes to supervise, monitor, measure, secure and analyse the performance of their network.

Incident Response Services

It is critical that the incident response team act quickly when a breach occurs. Intervalle Technologies' comprehensive incident response program allows for fast response times, effective communications and reduced impact, 24/7.

Management of security devices

Intervalle Technologies provides expertise in device management, providing on-demand procurement, configuration, patching, upgrades and maintenance, while meeting regulatory requirements to help you reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

Accessible Training

On-site or online training

All our training courses can be delivered on your site or online. All the systems and tools necessary for the successful completion of the course are managed in a virtual environment, which we provide for the occasion.

Business solutions

We can help you assess the skills gaps within your organisation and then provide you with our specialist consultants and trainers to meet your particular needs.

Customised courses

In the case of in-house training, we can modularise our courses at your convenience, using all the products in our catalogue or specific requests.

Framework agreement

We offer the possibility of defining a framework contract with you to benefit from privileged assistance and preferential financial conditions.

Our partners

Our training courses are based on industry best practices and are delivered by experienced and certified profiles.

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