Our Banking Solutions

In addition to providing solutions for dematerialisation, it is necessary to set up digitised management processes, allowing either completely automated tasks or the implementation of workflows with automatic and human tasks.

The challenges are numerous and consist in making management processes more fluid by maximising their degree of automation and security, and accelerating operational management flows, in order to provide a more efficient customer service within increasingly optimised timeframes.

Intervalle Technologies has extensive experience and numerous projects have been carried out by its teams to implement a true end-to-end digitalisation strategy.

Mobile Payment & E-Wallet

An all-in-one application to meet the accelerated development of mobile banking worldwide.

Switch & Card Management

Manage all card issuing and payment acquiring functions securely.

Applicatifs Bancaires

Solutions to be customised and deployed for solutions adapted to the Bank's business.

Integrated banking system

A complete digital core banking solution, positioned as a leader by Gartner for 14 consecutive years

Our Banking Solutions Partners

Intervalle Technologies, in collaboration with Maximus, can work with you to define the best solution for your needs, and then implement it, through an end-to-end commitment.

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